Objects in the Mirror are Further Than They Appear

MerriamWebster Dictionary Definition — “Virtual: – being essentially or effect so, even if not officially recognized or approved. Virtual companies offer real profitability. Let’s face it, most Fortune 500 companies are If you five press for customer service and imagine a department on another floor, you are actually directed, sometimes overseas, to a remote call center Today there are virtual or remote departments and agents in all aspects of the


In an online article titled “Good Times for Call Centers at Network World Fusion,” quoting Toni Kistner, “Clients include 1-800 Flowers, various Marquis catalog and e-commerce -Retailers as well as various retailers who sell directly through TV commercials. According to another article about Cisco’s advertising companies, “Thanks to Cisco, we’re effectively keeping a small group of our best people working when and where they want, while also allowing us to bring in specialists from around the world when we need to.” “. support our 15-strong workforce. These people practically work as if they were in the office next door. “Virtuality” is the hottest trend in business today.


The realization that you don’t need four walls to establish a business presence has captured the imagination of just about everyone. But nobody wants to admit it! Does the call center mention that it is located in Taiwan? want it resolved. As long as the end result is achieved, you as a customer will be satisfied.

If this result is achieved pleasantly and efficiently, you will be more than satisfied, now you can be sure of being a regular customer. Making a virtual company work As an employee, you want to feel confident in your product knowledge, be an integral part of the company and involved in its vision, mission and bottom line, and not be treated like an outsider. Not only is staying in the dark a death sentence for employee loyalty, it can ultimately undermine your business.


The effectiveness of virtual departments and companies is obvious. You can work. What is the most important factor? In my work with innovative companies that adopt and use virtuality, I’ve seen successes, situations that need improvement, and total failures.

My observations on this have led me to the following conclusion: that communication is the absolute key to success in such companies. The quality of communication between employees and customers determines your future success, period. Your employees cannot be effective. unless they are informed and have a sense of belonging. You must know the company’s mission, values, goals and products.