New Zealand Travel Tips

New Zealand is a very popular holiday destination for travellers of all nationalities however there are some things about the country you should really know about in order to get the most out of your holiday otherwise you may leave with a sour taster in your mouth as some disappointed travellers have so here are the things you should know about;


You cannot guarantee you will get suitable weather in New Zealand. Mother nature does not care about your plans therefore be flexible with your travel arrangements. If flying over the glaciers is on your bucket list, there is a possibility that the weather during the two or three days you are in the Glacier region will make flying conditions unsafe and that you do not get to see the glaciers. It is the same for skiers. Some years there has been a lack of snow for skiing in some ski resorts.


People tend to get complacent when on holiday and some get caught out. New Zealand may be safer than a lot of other countries but tourists have been robbed and assaulted there.One lady got her lap top stolen in Franz Josef Glacier one day. It contained photographs of her overseas holiday and she lost the lot. The lesson here is to always have back-up files. If this person saved her photos to her email address or put them on Facebook then she would still had the photos.


As with every tourist hotspots, there are souvenirs for sale but have you every asked yourself “Where are they manufactured?” If you think “China” then you would be correct most of the time. If a genuine New Zealand made article is what you are after then ask the person selling it about its origin.

When buying souvenirs, buy something which is going to be useful such as a piece of clothing or a book which will give you some enjoyment and not an item which will be left in a draw or on a shelf just gathering dust.


It may be ironic to suggest that the problem with some parts of New Zealand are there are simply too many tourists about particularly in some of the tourist hot spots and to cap it all off most of the workers in the tourist resorts are not New Zealanders. Part of the Kiwi experience is mixing and meeting with the locals therefore if you want to meet real Kiwis then spend some time in the provincial towns.


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