Nano Tube Sheets for Roofs to See the Stars

Imagine living in a house where the entire roof would be transparent simply by uttering the words “Roof Disappear!” and the Shazzam it would be gone just like that; sounds like Science Fiction? Not so, in fact it is almost possible now. Using Carbon Nanotube sheets with incredibly strong and transparent qualities will make this possible.

Carbon nanotubes are being looked at for such applications as military cockpit canopies, bulletproof glass or car windshields. the nanotubes are good conductors of electricity and will work well as flat panel displays. Additionally they are somewhat flexible. So imagine the applications? Now then since we have this awesome technology coming online, I propose we make roofs out of them.

But why not make the whole house out of them? Well you could, but roofs weigh a lot and therefore you have to build the house stronger. Nano roofs would be 50 times stronger than steel and weigh practically nothing compared to current house roofs. I propose we use these nanotube transparent flexible sheets for roofs so you can turn our home into an observatory at night, looking up at the stars.

When a look at a specific set of stars you could display the name of the constellation, Galaxy or name of the planets you are looking at; the nanotube clear ceiling display would show you the names. Perhaps we can outfit your ceiling with surround a sound and it will also become a giant display for video information on a virtual panel. So your viewing experience comes with the knowledge too. Since the nanotube sheets are flexible; they would not be dangerous in an Earthquake. Of course, this is just one application for nanotube sheets, the uses are endless. How about video conferencing on your ceiling, could be a lot better than missing your family or spouse. Think on this.