My New Storm Door

First I thought about all the money I’d save during this winter’s heating season if I had a storm door. A good storm door would save on the gas bill and make the house more comfortable.

Then I opened my electric bill for a hot humid summer month. That got me thinking about all the money I’d save on air conditioning next summer. The savings on the air conditioning energy bill will help pay for the door.

We are heading into the in between season now. I thought about fresh air and open windows. We don’t get cross ventilation through our front door because bugs would fly right in. A storm door with a self storing screen would let the fall and spring air blow right in and keep the bugs outside. Storm doors are not much for security but they might delay an intruder. An unwanted visitor would make noise getting the locked storm door open. It would give me a place to display a security system sticker that might cause an unwanted visitor to go somewhere else.

I hate shopping in big stores. I had to bribe myself with a trip to the tool department so I would look at storm doors in one of those chain home supply mega stores. I found Energy Star rated storm doors priced under $100 that would do the job. For double the money they would install it. I was running out of excuses.

Now that the nice new storm door is up my wife says the front door looks shabby and needs paint.
Trying to save the planet from global climate change or delaying the economic collapse that using peak oil is expected to cause are good motives. But, saving some cash right now is better. I just want to help folks save a buck, both at home and at work. If it helps promote energy independence, I can support that too. When we each shave a little off our energy bills, it is good for the environment and good for our economy. It is nice to have good side effects while keeping cash in your pocket.

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I am a Baby Boom Vintage Energy Engineer with a mission to help folks save money on their energy bills. I am building on my work experience, or rather trying to put it to work for my readers.


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