Most Famous Communist Bulgarian Monuments

Buzludzha, the UFO molded previous Communist Party Headquarters and a meeting lobby, is turning out to be all the more famous, and at the moment it receives a lot of attention from foreign tourists due to its sheer size and shape. Looking like the famous solid UFO image, erected on a remote Bulgarian mountain, it has achieved the alien status amongst the urban pioneers. Also, deservedly so. Be that as it may, Bulgarian socialist landmarks don’t stop at Buzludzha.

Home to the “Landmark to 1300 Years of Bulgaria”, the city of Shumen was my first understanding into exactly how decided the socialist Bulgarian government was on exhibiting their solid creations. The landmark at Shumen was erected in 1981, outlined by Bulgarian stone carvers Krum Damyanov and Ivan Slavov, and I truly had no clue about the titanic size of this structure. Driving around twenty kilometers out of Shumen, you can stand astouned before the colossal monument built by the communist party. Very close, the Shumen landmark is a gathering of fairly threatening cubist solid statues, housed in a pioneer geometric building, situated on a slope sitting above the city.

Near the Bulgarian of the black sea, the town of Varna has the “Landmark of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship” built next to it and is presently 10,000 tons of vandalized concrete and iron being left to rot. Maybe it has something to do with the message of the landmark, frequently deciphered as “dear solid, courageous, and valiant Russian officers, please acknowledge these blessings of bread, blooms, and salt from our finest Bulgarian ladies, truly, thank you so much, we couldn’t have cared for our poor nation without your help, you’re really great”. To finish it off, the remembrance at Varna was erected in a position that pointed towards Moscow. Inconspicuous.

Underneath the Varna landmark, a long, profound, solid staircase slides into a dim and since quite a while ago deserted atomic bunker, with images painted on the divider that give off an impression of being letters. Nonetheless, it’s not from any letter set on this planet. I’m not saying Aliens had something to do with this commemoration, however I’m certain the History Channel would concur that the confirmation of Aliens working with the Russian and Bulgarian special forces is essentially undeniable and decisive.


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