Modern Door Knobs – Clean and Contemporary Style For Your Contemporary Home

Creating a contemporary getaway is more than just the furniture you put into a room. A proper contemporary space has to have a perfect, always clean, look. From the first time someone turns the modern door knobs to get into the room, they have to see how clean and crisp of an environment they are in.

If you think you have created a contemporary bedroom, now is the time to really look around and see if you were right. Stand in the room, and look at everything. Is there dust? Are some pieces of the furniture looking a little dingy? Look at those alleged modern door knobs; are they dull-looking? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not doing your contemporary bedroom justice.

It’s time for a cleaning lesson. First, start at the point of entry. You should have modern door knobs on your doors to set the tone. These modern door knobs should be chrome, glass, or some other contemporary material to go with the environment you are creating. Make sure the door is clean, and the handle shining. This is your first impression.

Throughout the room one of the things that is likely taking away from your sleek look is dust. Dust piles up quickly, and everywhere. If you haven’t dusted today, it’s been too long. You really should dust your furniture every day to keep the look you want in this space. A damp cloth wiping over all the furniture surfaces will go a long way to make it look new again, not to mention getting a lot of those airborne dust molecules out of the air. While you are at it, if you haven’t washed your bedding in a while, vacuumed or swept the floor, you should do these things before you start your dusting, as they are going to kick up more dust to clean.

If you have pieces of furniture that have a few stains or some sort of residue on them, you need to clean them up. A damp cloth with a mild cleaning detergent should do the trick. You don’t want the cloth to be wet, just damp, so wring it out well before using it. Once you have gotten the mess removed, go over the area with a dry cloth so you don’t allow any sort of dampness to sit on the furniture. If it is an expensive, specialty, piece of furniture, you may want to check with the manufacturer on the cleaning guidelines for the piece, to make sure you don’t do more damage than good.

Finally, waxing. Nothing keeps wood furniture pieces looking sleeker than a good waxing. Know the wood you are using and select a furniture wax accordingly. There are even specific waxes that are recommended for bedroom furniture.

While the process of keeping a contemporary bedroom looking beautiful is a chore, the payoff is worth it when you come into the room at the end of the day and it is the paradise you were hoping for.


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