Mitra’s Ranch: Indispensable In A Puerto Princesa City Tour

It would be impossible to complete a Puerto Princesa City Tour without a visit to Rancho Sta. Monica which is more popularly known as Mitra’s Ranch. The late Senator Ramon Mitra owned the property but since his passing, his son, Baham Mitra now owns and manages the place. Tourists will find the place very relaxing. In fact, some people often go here for picnics. Anyone who goes to the ranch is given a literal breath of fresh air and a fantastic view of the rest of the city, which is why it is imperative to include a visit to the ranch in one’s Puerto Princesa City tour.

At the ranch, you’ll see cow, horses and the ranch’s resident dog. You can go horseback riding and take home a souvenir by having your photo taken while riding a horse. The entire ranch in itself looks like a painting masterpiece seen through your very eyes. The lush greens – the trees, grass and mountains are just a sight to behold. For an even more exhilarating experience to enrich your Puerto Princesa City tour, you can try the zipline adventure. This is one of the most sought after activities of tourists looking for some thrill during their vacation in the city.

If you love nature, you’d definitely fall in love with Mitra’s Ranch when you visit the ranch during a Puerto Princesa City Tour. Most of the view can be enjoyed from the triangularly roofed mansion located atop the hill and surrounded by the lush, green ranch grounds and picnic areas. If you’re not joining a group tour, you wouldn’t have to worry because there is no entrance fee to visit Mitra’s Ranch.

A visit to Mitra’s Ranch is just one if the many activities you may do while you’re in Puerto Princesa. When you book a Puerto Princesa city tour, you’ll be able to visit more places. You will get to see the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, which is commonly known as the Crocodile Farm. If you love butterflies, you may ask your guide to take you to the famous Butterfly Garden. Here, you will see different species of birds, most of which are only found in our neighboring countries.

Heritage sites are also part of a Puerto Princesa City tour. Plaza Cuartel and the Immaculate Conception Cathedral are famous for its history. Food lovers and those with sweet tooth will enjoy the part of the tour where they’d go to Baker’s Hill. Here you can buy delicious treats like Chocolate crinkles. hopia, cashew nuts and more.


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