Midland Odessa, TX; Great place to visit, live or work

Midland, Odessa TX

Midland, TX Economic Development Association, Visitors Center and Chamber of Commerce.

Midland, TX Economic Development Association, Visitors Center and Chamber of Commerce share one building, everything is under one roof. The town of Midland is doing well, we have a little competition there already and a market that can certainly handle another market player even before we market the area.

The Midland Chamber of Commerce is 100% self funded. They rely on the membership to promote the needs of business. The Economic development Association had very good information all formatted for us upon on two minute notice of arrival. Adequate parking and knowledgeability of all aspects of the local economy. The office was buzzing with requests from around the World for the new video about George W Bush. We wish to thank them for producing such a great piece of video documented history. We also wish thank Jane Inskeep for the Gold Member membership stickers for our mobile corporate command center.


We recommend other companies to join us in entering into the Midland-Odessa market where the people are real, and the hospitality grand.

The information from the Economic Development Association was well formatted and actually contained more data than most Economic Development Associations and better than our CD Rom data, which is State of the Art. Thank you for the offer to allow us to work with your membership and ambassadors program.

The Visitor Center also had lots of information on the CAF Confederate Air Force HQ and flying Museum. Also thank you for your great information on the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. Both Museums were better than excellent. Midland has history and Midland is still making history and we are glad to be announcing our plans to enter the Midland-Odessa, TX Market.



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