Microwave Cookware – Making Cooking More Convenient

Perhaps the most obvious testament to our fast-paced lives is the proliferation of the microwave oven and microwave cookware, for that matter. We have them in all shapes and sizes, and the simple convenience of using microwave cookware to “heat, store, and serve” has made these items indispensable in any 21st-century household.

There is no lack of critics who look down on the fad that is microwave cooking. In reality, because fast-paced lifestyles are likely here to stay, microwave cookware may be more of permanent household fixtures than merely fads.

They may not be handed down from one generation to the next as heirloom pieces, but microwave cookware are bought for practicality’s sake. These days, most working men and women rarely have the time to do hour-long baking, roasting, or slow-cooking.

It is common knowledge that microwave cookware is made of plastic, and the accidental use of metals creates the risk of the microwave oven breaking down in the long run. However, there are some metals which could actually be used for microwave cooking.

Aluminum foil, for instance, could be used to wrap the ends of a turkey’s or chicken’s legs to keep these from burning. Its primary purpose is for shielding. Small skewers made of metal won’t be a big deal, and microwave cookware such as shallow convenience trays lined with some metal won’t harm the appliance.

Keep in mind, though, that any microwave cookware with metal should be placed at least an inch away from the walls of the microwave oven. In addition, deep metal pans and cartons which are lined with foil are not used, simply because they keep the microwaves from reaching the food’s core.

There are various grades of plastic used in the manufacture of microwave cookware. Some are durable while others are good only for a few uses. Cheaper microwave cookware [http://www.cookware-help.com/Articles/Copper_Cookware.php] is usually not microwave safe, so it’s best to go for the well-known brands. At least you are assured that big companies see to it that all their products go through quality testing.

And because it is a known fact that microwaves travel in straight lines, square- or rectangular-shaped microwave cookware is better than round or circular containers. Choose shallow microwave cookware to ensure that microwaves reach even the interior parts of the food and not just the surface.



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