Mentoring Exercises – 12 Scenarios

Mentoring is right here to stay. Here are a choice of mentoring sporting activities with a purpose to assist your enterprise preparation state of affairs analysis.

Situation 1:

Your HR Department has simply deployed a brand new member in your group. He may be very skilled and informed to your industry. It appears he turned into laid-off from a competing enterprise and is pretty judgmental approximately your cutting-edge enterprise’s operations. You had been assigned to be his mentor.

Describe your response.

Situation 2:

In a marketing strategy competition, you’ve got got been assigned to be a mentor for a Startup. However, the Startup has now no longer been very cooperative and does now no longer mirror a want to be mentored withinside the first place. To your personal astonishment, the Startup has even approached every other mentor to be of their group!

You determine to interrupt farfar from them and coincidentally, you find out a few statistics with a purpose to assist them be greater persuasive of their marketing strategy presentation.

Will you tell them?

Situation 3:

You have a pal who has simply misplaced his activity in senior control position. His retrenchment has thrown a spanner withinside the works, in particular on the subject of sending his handiest baby for in addition research overseas.

He strategies you and ask for employment inside your Startup – ideally because the Managing Director, in order that his financial institution loans will now no longer be affected. However, you’re in a quandary due to the fact you sense that there’s a huge generational gap.

How will you clear up this problem?

Situation 4:

You came upon a weblog that turned into installation via way of means of your assigned workplace-mentee, that gives lots unfavorable feedback approximately your cutting-edge enterprise. Your mentee has been cautious now no longer to cite particular names however you’re specific that the snap shots that he has uploaded are taken in the workplace.

Should you document to better control?

Situation 5:

You had been approached to be a mentor/advisory board member for a non- income organisation. You join up with the Founder and sense energised – you instant solution is a resounding “yes”. You also are swayed via way of means of the club of a outstanding mentor who’s a properly recognized figure. You persuade your self which you are in superb enterprise.

However, as time progresses, you find out which you aren’t often up to date with the organisation’s development and your club does now no longer create lots bearing with the organisation’s sports and direction.

Do you stay? Or have been you by no means intended to be a part of that organisation? Discuss your decision-making matrix.

Situation 6:

As a mentor, how do you make sure which you make a distinction withinside the commercial enterprise choices of a Startup or Non-income organisation? Can you make sure that your perspectives are valued, now no longer simply your instant contacts?

Situation 7:

Your ex-pupil asks you for a favour. He has a set of pals who’re gifted in music. You watch their making a song on YouTube and am very impressed. You endorse that they compose jingles for advertisements to get exposure.

Do you’ve got got different suggestions?

Situation 8:

You had been approached to be a part of a Startup this is concerned in developing a commercial enterprise approach board game. However, your development withinside the enterprise is impeded via way of means of the dearth of believe that the board game’s author has in revealing to you the whole commercial enterprise idea.

How will you proceed?

Situation 9:

You are the magnificence screen and had been assigned to be a pal to a brand new pupil who has come from a rustic wherein English is the second one language. The new pupil may be very prompted in enhancing his English competency and insists in becoming a member of the magnificence debate group to improve. You are the magnificence captain and also you want the group to do properly to enhance your probabilities of stepping into a great secondary school.

What have to you do?

Situation 10:

You find out that a topic teacher’s weblog presents sufficient clues for his personal college students to do properly in a Science exam. You also are coaching the identical subject.

Should you comply with suit?

Situation 11:

You had been requested to be a mentor for a a set of college students who need to elevate price range for a non-income organisation. During the direction of assembly up with them, you sense that the chief of the organization has aspirations of the usage of the fund- elevating as an possibility to get interest and perhaps a activity withinside the non-income organisation.

What have to you do?

Situation 12:

You are a part of a mother and father organization this is putting in place a meals stall to aid the school’s a laugh fair. The stall that increases the maximum will win a prize and get recognition. In the morning of the a laugh fair, you appear to look a discern purchase from a totally famous hawker stall, which contradicts the regulations of whole meals coaching via way of means of volunteers.