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What is a high quality website? Over the years the whole SEO industry is talking about the need of producing high quality content and top experts came up with the clever quote ‘Content is king’, meaning that content is the success factor of any website. While this is true, does it mean that a website … Read more

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What is a quality website? We have now a definition by Google of what is a quality site; it is given by a link at bottom. These become even more essential since efforts to filter these sites in search results, depending on their quality. Now it is very easy to rank your content and sites … Read more

Benefits And Types Of Different Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy is just a part of business strategy. In a marketing strategy, the entire focus is on the customers and offering better products to them. It is very beneficial for a business because it is a way to follow different steps that would satisfy the customer hence increasing profitability. There are different types of … Read more

Marketing Strategy and Planning: The Road Map

Many small to medium sized businesses face a common struggle; a balancing act of plans, strategies, departments and decisions. All of the elements are present, all of the gears in working condition, but business isn’t exactly booming at the pace it had anticipated or forecasted for. What exactly does this growth and sustainability require? In … Read more