Marine Insurance

Trading Country

Pakistan is a trading country. A large number of businesses are linked with import and export and trading. Most of the cargo businesses are occurring through marine logistics.

Capital Investment

Import and export need a large amount of investment. Importers and exporters transport things in a bulk quantity and for this huge capital are required. Safety during transit is the most mind-shattering question.

Advantages of having Marine Insurance

There are a lot of advantages of having marine insurance which is enlisted below:

  • A person whose goods are in transit then he doesn’t need to worry about any type of loss.
  • Unfortunately, if any accident occurs during transit then take a deep breath because the insurance company will compensate.
  • The strongest benefit of having insurance is peace and relaxation of the mind without any stress or damage.
  • Marine insurance decreases the chances of risks and many threats.

Types of Marine Insurance

There are two types of insurance

  1. Marine cargo insurance
  2. Marine hull insurance


When you deal in big business then the chances of losses and displacement are also increasing. Any point of deprivation results in huge damage. So in reality no one can afford such substandard conditions.


Marine insurance provides coverages both for the goods and also for the ships and other sources of transit.

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited is one of the good companies which deals in all products of general insurance. Marine insurance is the most appreciated product of UIC.

UIC Packages

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited offers two features in one product:

  • Marine cargo
  • Marine hull insurance

The thing which makes The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited more superior is UIC’s client-centric approach. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited modifies its marine insurance policy according to the demand of the customers.

UIC Marine Cargo Insurance

This feature of marine insurance covers all the goods which are in transit.

UIC Marine Hull Insurance

Marine hull insurance covers the vessel structure of a marine which covers all the damages that occur to the ship’s body.

Protect your Goods

The basic reason for marine insurance is safe and secure transportation from the first point to the desired destination. Marine insurance can only do this and gives all-around safety.

Safe Freight in

Marine insurance is the second name of safe freight in and in case of any emergency and accident, the insurance company will compensate for all the losses.


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