Looking for Just the Right Coffee Maker? Let Reviews Be Your Guide

Whether you are on a quest to find the coffee maker that makes the ultimate cup of java, or like most people, you will be more than satisfied with one that consistently delivers a good cup of coffee, you can let the reviews be your guide.

Reviews Types as Well as Brands and Models

Your search time will naturally be less if you’ve already settled on the type of coffee maker you want, but it still never hurts to look into various types, as well as the various brands, as each type comes with its definite pros and cons. Another thing to consider is whether you intend to purchase locally, or order over the phone or online. You can almost always locate reputable brands such as Mr. Coffee, Keurig, and Cuisinart close to home. If the reviews lead you to lesser-known brands like Oxx, Behmore, Bonavita, or Zojirushi, ordering online may be your best or only option.

The Importance or Unimportance of Bells and Whistles

For many coffee drinkers, the On/Off switch is the only convenience they feel is necessary. For others, the more bells and whistles the better. Most electric coffeemakers today, other than the French press types, come with digital clocks, timers, alarms, and more. Many are programmable. Cuisinart is a leader in programmable models that are durable, reliable, and make good coffee.

A coffee maker with a timer is nothing new, but a smart coffee maker is. Mr. Coffee appears to be leading the way at the moment by offering a Wi-Fi coffee maker you can control from your smart phone or tablet. It is even possible to program the Mr. Coffee’s brewing schedule for up to a week in advance, and receive a message on your handheld device when the water tank needs refilling or the filter needs replacing.

It’s still a good idea to read the reviews to make certain that, in spite of whatever cool features a given model may have, you will still get a good cup of coffee. One reviewer claimed the Mr. Coffee smart machine brewed a weak cup. On the other hand, another reviewed claims a Mr. Coffee model that sells for just under $50 makes the best coffee of any of the drip coffee makers. Before making a choice, it never hurts to see what others are saying.

Where to Look and What to Look For

You can also look to the various brands’ websites for reviews of their products, although the reviews will tend to be a bit biased. Amazon is one of the best sources for reviews, as well as being a good place to look if you want the widest possible selection of types, brands, and models to choose from. CNET.com is another excellent source for reviews and ratings. The same is true for ConsumerSearch.com and SeattleCoffeeGear.com.

You can Always Go by the Numbers

Finally, you can go by the ratings alone if a given make and model has received a large number of reviews. It’s hard to go wrong if you base your purchasing decision on a 4.5- to 5.0-star rating. If you take that approach, it’s still a good idea to take the time to look for any negatives reviewers may have noted, since there may be fault or feature about a particular coffee maker that, while small, could drive you crazy, such as owning a 4.5-star rated coffee maker with a button that tends to stick.



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