Learning From Coffee Distributors: The 3 Kinds of Coffee

All coffee distributors know that there is a very delicate and intricate process that goes into making a good cup. From sourcing to sale, every step is essential in creating a drink that not only warms the body, but warms the soul as well. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to this subject, however. This short guide will cover the basics of coffee, caffeine in particular, as well as the three most common types; black, decaf, and espresso.

First, here’s a little bit of information for those who are new to the subject. Coffee is a brewed beverage created from the roasted or baked seeds of an evergreen shrub, commonly referred to by its genus name, coffea. The “berries” that come from this shrub are harvested, processed, and dried before eventually being roasted, ground, and finally being brewed. This slightly acidic drink has very high levels of caffeine (unless it is decaf, but we’ll get into that later) and, as such, is regarded very highly by those who have trouble waking up in the morning. A staple around the world, it can even be considered a royalty among drinks.

Depending on what temperature at which they are roasted, or even the origins of the beans themselves, the taste and physical effects of this drink vary greatly. The most common type you will find is black. This means that, aside from some water and the beans themselves, there are no additives. It is known for its high caffeine content, and is often used as a way to wake oneself up in the morning, or keep energized throughout the day. Just because it has a practical use does not mean it can’t be enjoyed, however. Whether made by a coffee distributor or simply at home, this black drink can be just as delicious as any cappuccino, latte, or other fancy drink.

Decaf is another of the more popular forms this beverage can take on. Decaf is simply a shortened version of the word decaffeination, meaning the caffeine has been all but removed. Unlike other drinks (such as soda), which are described as “uncaffeinated”, meaning they never contained any caffeine to begin with, Decaf drinks actually have the caffeine removed from them before they are roasted. This effectively creates a beverage that is more for enjoyment than anything else.

Espresso is a very peculiar variety of coffee. Distributors often use it as the basis for many of the other fancier types of drinks out there, namely lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and mochas. It has more caffeine per unit volume than almost any other type out there, and, as such, it is usually served in much smaller proportions than other drinks. It is created by forcing steam, or sometimes a small amount of nearly boiling water, through ground beans. This process creates an incredibly rich and dense flavor in espresso, and forms a cream like foam on top, referred to as “crema.”



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