Why Is Law Important in Hospitality Industry?

The Hospitality industry is the most volatile industry in relation to law suits. This is why if you are working in this arena it is important that you have a good understanding of the law relating to hospitality. From the time you decide to go on a holiday to the time you complete and come … Read more

How Can You Protect Your Mobile App Idea?

If you have an exciting idea for a new mobile app, but are new to the world of mobile app development, you may make the common mistake of thinking least about the thing you should be most concerned about-protecting your idea. The instant your brilliant mobile app idea comes to you is the time for … Read more

My Idea Is Already Patented – What To Do Now?

When an idea is discovered, a lot of dreams and hopes of building innovative products and successful businesses are also born along with. As an inventor, you think you achieved something big, and your idea will help solve many daily life problems. But, what if you discover that the idea is already patented? It feels … Read more

FTO Analysis – Check If Your Product Is Infringing Someone’s Patent

Do you know if you use someone’s intellectual property in your product/service or other business activities without permission, it can create a lot of problems in the future? Yes, this is true. No matter the industry your business belongs to; whether it is automobile, healthcare, education, information technology, online services, or entertainment, you need to … Read more

How To Craft A Patent Strategy – Software Startups

Importance of intellectual property while launching a new innovation in software Well, it depends on the type of innovation and the product. For example, there is a mobile game which has a character of a new movie. For a few months, that game may be hit but after sometimes, it is expected to fade quickly. … Read more

Doing Business in Multiple States

During the incorporation process, you may hear terms such as, “foreign corporation”, “foreign LLC” or, “qualification” depending upon the type of entity that is being formed. The term, “foreign”, however does not relate to another country, but rather relates to your home state. This means that if your company is formed as a corporation or … Read more

Floatation of a Company and Prospectus

Once a company has been registered, it has to take off. This is described as floatation of a company. It is true that a company comes into existence once registered and can immediately upon do business. But a newly formed company often needs to get sufficient capital to take off. The promoters there have to … Read more

Documents Required for LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership is a new form of business and a really convenient form of business. It is more advantageous for the small business firms and the start-up’s to start or carry out their business with the least risk and convenience. This is the form of business which carries the benefit of Limited Liability like a … Read more

Features of a Limited Liability Partnership

A foreign investor looking to set up business in India must consider multiple factors before deciding on what type of business entity to choose. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is gaining popularity with its numerous benefits it gives to the entrepreneur. LLP is a business entity which combines the limited liability of a company and the … Read more