Labour Laws and Regulations

SAI KALP Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is there to help business organizations and industrial units with matters related to all the national as well as state-level labor laws and handle any issues related to them that arise in the due course of the clients’ business operations. The prime activity of our organization is to help the industry in the field of social compliances, social audits, statutory obligations, etc.

We have experience of 2 decades in the field of Labour Laws and our team of competent experts on the varied premises of Labour/Industrial Laws will handle all the matters related to these laws and endeavor to provide the best service in the industry. Customer satisfaction is the pulse behind our existence and it is our motto to deliver the best quality consultancy services without any delay or omission. Customized consultancy service is our specialty as we understand the needs of the client in-depth and accordingly tailor the suite of services provided so that the organizational objectives of both parties are realized. The company is well-tuned to keep track of the latest happenings in the market and amendments in the labor laws and updates services accordingly. Our list of elite clientele will vouch for our competency in the domain of labor legislation and our expertise in handling matters related to these legislations.

Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923 is a central legislation that provides for payment of compensation for injuries suffered by a workman in the course of and arising out of his employment according to the nature of injuries suffered and disability incurred, where death results from the injury, the amount of compensation is payable to the dependants of the workmen.

All the Deputy Labour Commissioner have been appointed as Commissioner under Workmen’s Compensation Act. Where an employer is in default in paying the compensation due under this Act, within one month from the date it fell due, the Commissioner shall Direct that the employer in addition to the amount of arrears pay simple interest thereon at the rate of 12% per annum or on much higher rates.

payroll processing services Commissioner has the power under the Act to impose penalty and interest on the cleared amount as per the provision of the act. During the period 2002, 535 claims were made and up to September 2003, 633 claims have been decided by the Commissioners appointed under the Act.



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