Koh Chang Holiday Fishing Fun

Of all the many activities one may get taken into, during their holiday visit to Thailand’s Koh Chang Island, fishing makes for one of the better options and there are many ways through which to enjoy fishing in this part of the world and there are many fishing spots as well.

Fishing is a very big part of the natural lives of the indigenous inhabitants of the island and this is very evident in the local restaurant scene, so the holiday fishing fun which takes place on the island can range from exactly that, fishing just for fun, or you can really get into it seriously and cast your line to catch your own lunch or dinner.

Fishing Tours

Offered by a number of operators, such as the likes of Sea Hunter and Kai Koh Chang Fishing Tours, the local fishing tours are a great way to go fishing, off the shores of Koh Chang Island, if you want to ensure some measure of success and make sure you come back to your lodging having actually caught something.

Different fishing boat tour operators all have their unique offerings and differ accordingly, but some collective attributes to enjoy include the likes of a fresh meal which would ideally comprise out of some fish you caught on the trip yourself, with tuna and grouper mainly making up the fishing game, the option of going on nighttime fishing tours, a complementary service of snorkelling, stopovers in some of the quieter areas of the island shores as well as a guarantee of a very safe and enjoyable fishing expedition.

Local Fishing Boats

Naturally, local Thai cuisine on the island of Koh Chang is mainly seafood-based, so a lot of commercial fishing goes on for the local restaurant market and if you are seriously into fishing, or if you just want to have a real Koh Chang fishing experience that goes beyond the tourism-based fishing setup, the Salakkok Village, which is in the south-eastern part of the island, should be where you’d want to find yourself to put yourself in line for such an experience.

This part of the island operates in stark contrast to Salakphet Bay, further south-eastward of the island, where some of the bigger commercial fishing boats scour the deeper seas for catch which is exported and traded locally.

Salakkok Village offers more of an authentic Koh Chang Island fishing experience, which could be much more fun since your partaking in a local fishing expedition will only be as a result of a number of social preludes, like striking conversation with the local villagers and fishermen, since it is on their small, personal fishing boats where you might get to enjoy such a traditional fishing trip.



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