Knowledge Is NOT Power

For generations, society’s mantra to us was, “Knowledge is power.” And that knowledge equaled power. As long as this continued to be subjective, unproven, society kept singing the mantra.
The Internet comes along, knowledge increases 10,000 percent over night, and society chases the knowledge in greater numbers. More people are getting PhD’s and double master degrees than ever before. Stress-related diseases increased 100% last year alone.
What’s wrong with this picture?
The subjective is now objective. You don’t need any stats for this. Use your instincts. You “know” this already just with your own life. It’s time for this cultural trance to awaken from a belief that has now proved itself incorrect.
So, then, what really needs to change?
Well, it didn’t ever really change. The ladder was leaning against the wrong wall, that’s all. We can’t point fingers; we are just now seeing the mantra. The motivational trainers like Tony Robbins sing this daily. What’s different is that we no longer can deny the truth of it. My grandma told me long ago, “The proofs in the pudding.”
Do you relate to this? Even in a small way? Great! The good news — it only takes 30 seconds to shift your perspective. That’s several 30-second times throughout the day until its totally gone. It will not take long though. The real key that I’m getting into now will override the ole mantra much faster.
The real key to success is action. Think about it. We already have tons of information swirling in our heads that we haven’t used. So, when were you going to use it? Someday maybe. When you are sitting in the rocking chair in retirement community? Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t too late to start it then either. But gosh darn it, who would want to wait until them. Not I. And I don’t think you either. There’s more energy available the younger you are.
Stop chasing more knowledge. Start taking action with what’s already available. When you use up what’s available, then reach out.
“Action leads to success.” Adopt this new mantra. Set the books aside. Pick up your brain instead. Start with a short and quick action plan with a clearly defined goal. Not a “long drawn out take a month to do” plan. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Don’t overwhelm your mind with anything else. Then you are returning to the ole’ mantra. Don’t wait until the kid’s soccer game this weekend.
Stop what you’re doing. It will only take three minutes. Go ahead; grab the Post-It notes. Aren’t they beneath the paper stack to your left? I play Post-It note roulette on my office wall all the time. It’s quick, easy, fast, and I can spend more time taking action. In my case, writing more.
Tony Robbins says, “The only thing that makes a difference is ACTION! Action is the foundational key to all success.”
Okay, you hesitated. Couldn’t find the Post-It notes, huh. Okay, use a full sheet of paper, I won’t tell. Write down two goals. Yes, you read right, TWO. They could be something you’ve been putting off, or two that have been rumbling around in your mind the past few days. Right now, this instant, write. Do it before another distraction occurs. Make it clear in your mind, hold that vision a few seconds, then write the goal down. I don’t care if you can’t spell it or if the grammar isn’t right. As long as you know what it is. Leave the details out, hold the vision, and staple the goal to that vision and bring them together with a finger snap.
Good job! I’m proud of you. Took some extra coaching. But I know you at least have their focus. Promise, you will not move your mind away until you’ve made two decisions.
Okay, done that. Now write two steps for each decision that you can do today. Now, go ahead, think what can you do right now to start. I know, I know, you’re saying, “Catherine, dah, I’ve already started I wrote two decisions down.” You’re right. You have already started. Two pats on the back. Now the next step is going to be just as easy. What is it? Remember; take to get it from the knowledge you already have.
Is it lose weight? Then pick up the phone and call a few of the gyms to find out more? What about taking a daily walk or parking in the furthest part of the parking lot when you return from lunch or go shopping? What about not munching on those potato chips while you’re reading this?
Do you want to write a book and have been “waiting” for the table of contents to magically appear? Pick up the pen and start wherever the mind is at. Most books are never written from page 1. Take that action.
When you complete that action, figure out the next or start the next. Trust what’s already inside of you. It’s there. You just haven’t used this process frequently enough. Go ahead. Start. The water’s fine. You know that.
You will find that once you start taking that first step, the universe will begin to send all that you need. Mix that with what you already have, and then reach for the knowledge. Not before. This is the same story with writing a nonfiction book. Stop researching first and write first. Get all your knowledge out, and then reach.


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