Kitchen Remodeling – A Checklist for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling takes both time and money. A major remodel with top-of-the-line appliances and cabinets can easily run more than $100,000. As for time, allow at least four months for a remodeling job or, more realistically, six to eight months. It takes about two months for custom cabinet orders, more time for planning, order processing, shipping, demolition, installation, moving back into your kitchen and re-organization.

While it’s tempting to get started as quickly as possible once you decide to remodel, it’s better to catch your breath, do your homework and think through your plans because you don’t have the time or money to make mistakes.

Start with the basics. Consider what the primary uses of the kitchen will be then collect ideas for enhancing your project. Put some initial thought into this prior to meeting with a contractor. Following is a checklist of items to consider when planning your kitchen remodel.

Determine the primary uses of your kitchen:

  • cooking
  • food storage
  • dining
  • equipment / utensil storage
  • specialized food preparation areas
  • waste disposal
  • laundry
  • secondary media center
  • message station
  • mini-office
  • hobby / craft center
  • entertaining
  • mudroom
  • traffic hub

Enhance your kitchen remodeling project:

  • Brainstorm with household members
  • Find ideas in model homes, showrooms, home shows, magazines, books and catalogs
  • Appliances – ovens, stoves, cook tops, refrigerators, dishwashers, range, microwaves, hoods, and exhaust fans
  • Cabinets – wood cabinets in oak, maple, cherry, hickory, pine, birch, metal, plastic, cabinet re-facing, kitchen storage items and kitchen islands
  • Countertops – stone, marble, quartz, granite, solid surface, wood, metal and Formica
  • Flooring – hardwood flooring, cork, bamboo, laminate, linoleum flooring, flooring installation, repair and refinishing floors
  • Lighting – light controls, chandeliers, fixtures, lamps, fluorescent lights, recessed and spot lighting
  • Sinks and Fixtures – kitchen faucets, stainless steel, brass, plastic and glass handles
  • Windows – skylight windows, double hung and single hung windows, casement and garden windows for growing herbs and plants
  • Select a design professional and/or contractor that meets your needs

The more details you can determine prior to your kitchen remodeling project the better. It will make your remodeling project more efficient and, thus, less expensive.


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