Kitchen Counter Tops – The Pros And Cons To Help You Choose The Right Kitchen Counter Tops

Choosing the right kitchen counter tops can be a very difficult undertaking. Between the pricing and the aesthetics, those endeavoring to shop for new counters will find there are actually advantages and disadvantages to just about every choice. Picking out just the right type of counters will often be guided by pricing and looks in addition to quality.

To help those on the hunt for the best in kitchen counter tops, here is a break down of some of the more popular options, along with their perks and downfalls:

Regular seamed kitchen counter tops – These are the “old fashion” designs that have been in use for years. Often constructed using pressed wood or another similar base, these counters have a plastic veneer that covers them to give them a more attractive appearance. These counters tend to be the most affordable going and can be used in just about any type of configuration. They will have visible seams and can be damaged by heat and sharp objects.

Granite – This is one of the most costly choices in kitchen counter tops. These creations, however, are generally quite beautiful. Using hard granite as the base, these counter tops can be cut to fit just about any design, but may have seams involved. They must be sealed to protect the stone from damage, too. This sealant can be damaged by heat and sharp objects, so it’s not recommended that people set hot pans on them or use them as a cutting surface.

Fabricated plastics – Kitchen counter tops such as the Corian design are great rivals for granite and other higher end designs. These counters can be specially made and poured in single pieces so there will be no seams visible at all. They can take on the look of granite and other types of stone designs, too. These counters can get a little expensive, but they are often backed by very good warranties. They can be damaged by heat and sharp objects.

Concrete – This might seem like an unusual choice for kitchen counter tops, but the reality is they can be rather beautiful in design. Depending on the ability of the creator, these tops can look like granite, quartz or even Corian. They are durable, but generally have a finish that needs to be protected from heat and sharp objects. The pricing on these can run the gamut.

From granite and quartz to more affordable wood backed designs, kitchen counter tops can be created to fit almost any design or purpose. Shopping for them will require knowledge of the options and the available budget to work with. Since kitchen counter tops can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands in price, it pays to research the options before trying to buy.


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