Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Are for Everyman

Today, tile is for everyman. It’s easier than it has ever been before to learn how to set your own tile design. The kinds of tile on the market increase every year, and good tile is more affordable than it used to be. Why settle for look-alike wallpapers when you can have the real thing? This is the greatest time yet to choose tile for your kitchen backsplashes!

Entering a tile showroom is something like walking into a candy store. There are hundreds – literally, hundreds! — of styles, colors, types, and sizes of tile to choose from.

The new kinds of tile will dazzle you. This is not tile from your grandmother’s kitchen! There are tiles of gleaming metal and tiles of shimmering glass. There are tiles that imitate other materials, like the ceramic tiles that look like stone or the concrete tiles that mimic ceramic. There are composite tiles that could easily be solid stone metal.

Stone and ceramic tile is classic. You’ve always appreciated the durability and beauty of these materials, but you will still be astounded at the many kinds of textures, sizes, and colors you’ll find.

Go to a specialized tile retailer to see all the possibilities, even if you have to take a trip. The ‘big-box’ stores in every town are handy, but you won’t see so many different tile materials there, or so many choices in each material. At a tile showroom, you’ll see tiles you never knew existed!


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