It’s Snowing in La Tania

While Great Britain is coping with the huge deluge of snow running roughshod over public travel services and delicate winter gardening efforts, it’s worth reminding ourselves just what all this snow is good for in the first place – namely, skiing holidays! Without this amazing atmospheric phenomenon, would we truly be able to enjoy the simple luxury of watching the white flakes drifting slowly down and brushing against the window of our ski chalet? La Tania is one of the resorts where skiing takes place year-long, due to the snow cannons used to keep skiers happy and whizzing down the pistes without a break. With so much hassle caused by snow, here’s a reminder of the up-side, with a few of our favourite snowy moments.

Skiing In the Morning

After you step out of your ski chalet, La Tania can sometimes be bustling and busy, with skiers and snowboarders packed everywhere, and all vying for a slice of the slopes. One of the secrets of La Tania is to ski in the morning after a night’s fresh snowfall, if you get the chance. You will enjoy some pristine conditions and incredible views of La Tania which is cosily nestled in Courchevel. Many skiers and snowboarders live for the moment their skis or board hits fresh powder and, if you’re amongst them, you’ll love the feel of the morning’s snow as you begin your day skiing.

Relaxing In the Evening

After a day skiing, it could be time to hit the town for an enjoyable evening with friends or family after you’ve rested and reinvigorated yourself in your ski chalet. La Tania is home to several great restaurants and bars, such as the famous Pub Le Ski Lodge, the upmarket La Taiga, and restaurants such as La Ferme with its specialties of Fondue Savoyarde, Tartiflette, and Fondue Bourguignonne. After a delicious meal out, or some drinks shared with fellow skiers (during which many stories of the slopes will be traded), nothing beats stepping out to make your way back to your ski chalet, with La Tania’s snow falling gently overhead and making the town look post-card picturesque. That’s definitely one advantage of a light snowfall – the resort wouldn’t be the same without that magical quality to the evenings.

Playing Any Time Of The Day

When you’re on holiday skiing with your family, it’s a fair bet that you’ll want to make the most of the precious holiday time you’ve worked so hard for, and spend as much of that time out on the slopes as possible skiing. La Tania is known as a family resort, with plenty of activities on offer for children of all ages. One problem that can occur, especially in families holidaying with younger children, is that they can’t ski for so long or so far as an adult. One favourite solution? Picking up a handful of snow and starting a snowball fight is usually one way to put a smile on a family’s faces, and can make for happy memories of your time spent enjoying the snow as well as the skiing. And after all, aren’t happy memories the reason you chose La Tania in the first place?


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