Is ISO Certification beneficial for your business?

What Is The Importance Of ISO Certification For Any Business or Organization?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an independent international non-governmental body headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland has laid down certain standards or criteria that an organization must follow for the development of its products or services.  Standards are interpreted in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency.

The ISO certification process of an organization involves the determination of the type of certification required for it. There are various ISO certifications like ISO 9001(Quality Management System), ISO 14001(Environmental management), ISO 22000(Food safety), ISO 18001(OHSAS), and so on. The next step involves choosing an ISO Certification Body which is accredited to the ISO. Next, an ISO auditor goes through the various documents related to the organization’s policies and procedures.

The gap analysis is done by verifying the organization’s documents with the ISO Standards requirement. If any shortcomings are noted, they must be corrected. Later, the auditor will do a final check wherein he checks whether the shortcomings are corrected or not. If it satisfies the required ISO standard, the final audit report is done and forwarded to the Authorization body. ISO certification is issued to the organization. Surveillance audits are done each year to make sure that the organization is maintaining the ISO quality standards and there are no substandard products/services. The validity of an ISO Certificate is three(3 )years.

Importance of having an ISO Certification for your Business: –

  • Professionalism

The key to quality and efficiency is professionalism. Following the principles and ethics of the organization is of foremost importance for any employee. Your organization can be a top competitor in your domain.

  • Improved work culture

The Management and staffs become more knowledgeable about the various procedures involved in the smooth running of the organization and create a more resourceful environment.

  • Simplified and efficient operational procedures

The processes, procedures involved in production are simplified and the responsibilities are equally distributed amongst the staff.  Efficient

  • Consumer safety, trust, and satisfaction

Consumer confidence enhances when your product exactly matches the consumers’ expectations. Be it in terms of quality, safety, eco-friendliness, and reliability. Better quality ensures little to no complaints from the consumers. When the quality control management of the organization is good, you get to know what your consumer needs and always strive to meet that demand which in turn enhances trust and loyalty.

  • Improves Brand value

Your organization gains professional status amongst the public and gets worldwide recognition, thereby enhancing its brand value.

  • Boosts stability and consistency

It develops a sense of trust amongst the consumers that your products/services consistently are of the required standards and there are no irregularities or compromises in the quality.

  • Increased revenue and profit

If a product/service is ISO certified, then it is reliable and trustworthy, its brand value increases, thereby people consistently buy it which enhances the revenue of the organization and the organization becomes profitable.




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