Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You? Are You Trying To Kick The Coffee Habit?

There are the ones that love it; others drink it for the sake of it and some think that they are addicted to it! It is a matter as how we look at it. Some see it as the devils beverage and others may say it’s rather a bogus. Being addicted or having allergic reactions, some people have certain sensitivity towards coffee; this is similar as being allergic to medications, soaps or creams.

Addiction seems a strong word for it; there is often talk about addiction to sugar, nicotine, alcohol etc. Some elderly people may not tolerate coffee well, especially drinking it late in the afternoon or evening could interfere with a good night sleep.

There are many conflicting reports about coffee such as high risk factor for coronary heart disease and also for many other health issues; some even suggest this beverage be better avoided.

New health benefits are found almost every day as studies continue. Many times we read things we like to hear and other times we don’t.

Some facts about coffee!

At times results from different studies will conflict our health and what we find out about it will always evolve as new research discovers what we previously didn’t know about.

This is another way of Mother Nature’s wisdom acting through evolution and nature that gives us many benefits and its nutritional values.

Coffee is no longer a risk factor to our health as thought; just the opposite is the case because of the many health benefits. There are many reasons to drink coffee and no longer to consider some of the misleading concerns and misconception about this beverage from the past.

Studies over many years on men and women drinking an average between four to six cups of coffee per day showed it actually lowers the risk of heart disease, is protecting the cardiovascular system and it was found to decrease the risk of heart attacks. Coffee is also known for its antioxidants qualities. It can improve cholesterol as well as lower inflammation in related diseases. This beverage lowers the risk of many illnesses such as stomach, prostate, pancreatic, colon, lung, and breast cancer. Coffee has been found to protect against Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and depression. Caffeine increases a hormone, Dopamine, which is known as a happy feeling hormone in the brain. Regular coffee consumption can result in lowering the risk up to 60 percent of getting these diseases.

Has decaffeinated coffee less effect than full strength coffee?

Studies have revealed decaffeinated coffee still exhibits and has the same effects against diseases. The study suggests that coffee’s health benefits are not solely a product of its caffeine content. As coffee is also known for its benefits for type 2 diabetes, specifically the anti-diabetic effect from caffeine caffeic acid and cholorogenic acid. Also cholorgenic acid burns fat which has become a super-food in the green coffee bean when it comes to weight-loss.

The green bean could become an effective weapon against obesity and weight loss.

It is important to know that heavy caffeine use over long time can lead to a more rapid development of Osteoporosis. It increases the urination cycle where the loss of calcium occurs.

Coffee and caffeine can dehydrate your body. It is advisable to drink some water in between your cups of coffee.

Strength in caffeine!

Caffeine increases strength and performance. Some sporting organisations are in favour of caffeine intake to help improve performance, power and strength. Caffeine is often used as a performance boost by athletes and coaches before a game or competition. Although the right amount of caffeine is important it is usually taken in a form of supplement to control the right dosage.

The latest craze is “caffeine spray” to get an energy hit through the skin!

Spray-able energy can give caffeine lovers their daily fix by spraying it on to the skin. Not being fully tested who knows what side effects this may have; maybe a different coloured skin?

As coffee is no longer a risk factor and most of the misconception people had has vanished, let’s sit back and enjoy this wonderful beverage with that nice aroma and pleasant taste!

Being vigilant of what we consume is important because our health and life depends on it. The power of knowledge will give you the health you deserve!


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