Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup Recipe

This is an incredibly simple soup that tastes just awesome. It is one of those authentic Irish delicacies that make your family members happy. You will find this recipe in all the Dublin restaurants. It is regarded as one of the staple dishes of the Irish. Traditionally, it is cooked for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. Check out this simple recipe here!


Diced Irish bacon – 1/2 pound

Two peeled and cubed large potatoes

Diced tomatoes with juice – 1 (15 ounce) can

Chicken stock – 1 cup or as required

Salt and black pepper a pinch each

2 cups finely sliced dark green Savoy cabbage leaves


Put the bacon in a big, deep saucepan or stockpot. Cook on medium to high heat until the pieces are uniformly becomes golden brown. Drain off the excess fat.

Add the vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes and chicken stock according to the requirement to cover the vegetables. Season the mixture with pepper and salt. Let it boil and then after that, reduce heat and let the mixture simmer for about 20 minutes until the potatoes becomes tender and soft.

Mix in cabbage in that mixture and let the soup to simmer for about a few minutes before serving it hot.


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