How Your Kids Can Make Money at Home

Children need to learn the importance of responsibility, there are ways you can teach responsibility by teaching them how they can make money at home. Allowing them to make their own small income will teach them the value of money with the little and manageable work that comes their way. Here are some options in how your kids can learn about the importance of earning and savings by learning how to apply their personal skills to make money at home.

Household Chores

Even though your kids are expected to do household chores like cleaning up their rooms or taking out the trash, offer them little bonuses or pay to do chores they wouldn’t normally do like regularly mowing the lawn or washing the car on certain days. This way, they will be able to realize the importance of work. At the same time, they can learn how to make money at home in the activities that they do at the house.

Baby Sitting

This is probably the most popular of choices for many kids. Allow your teens to take on babysitting jobs at friends’ homes so that they can learn the responsibility of taking care of children much younger than them and being a leader and responsible individual among smaller kids. Babysitting will also expose them to making responsible decisions and making dependable choices when they are doing their babysitting duties.

Dog Walking

Encourage your child to do neighborhood services like walking dogs for a fee. There may be busy neighbors, or even elderly or disabled neighbors, who have pets that need daily exercise. Your child can do this and enjoy the company and play of man’s best friend!

Gardening And Landscaping

Older kids who enjoy gardening and are willing to help neighbors design their front yards and keep them maintained can do this. They can offer lawn mowing services and bush trimming services that they can do on weekends or after school to make extra pocket money.

House Sitting

This may be a job for older kids who can be trusted to check up on other people’s homes. Neighbors can pay the child a fee to regularly check their home if they are out of town. The child can also go over to feed a pet that is left behind until the owners come back. This may also include the child bringing in newspaper and mail so that they don’t accumulate on the lawn and mailboxes. They can even offer to do extra services of cleaning windows while the owners are out and watering plants that are beyond the reach of water on patios, windows, and lanais.


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