How to Use Hot Coffee Premix?

Today, almost every top coffee vending business of the world earns a large share of their profit by selling coffee premixes. The primary reason behind the immense popularity enjoyed by this particular product is the ease with which one can prepare a yummy beverage with it. For many individuals across the world the day does not start until they drink a cup of hot coffee. Several surveys conducted during the past few years have also revealed that hot coffee is the most loved beverage of the world. The easiest way of preparing a cup of tasty and creamy hot coffee is by using instant premixes. Read through the section below to get acquainted with the coffee making process.

Let us first offer you the list of ingredients you will need for preparing this yummy beverage.

• Water

• Sugar (optional)

• Instant coffee powder

• Milk or cream (optional)

Here are the four main steps of the coffee making procedure:

Step 1: Put adequate amount of water in a kettle or pot and boil it. You can use any available device for boiling the water. Most people prefer boiling water on a stove or in a microwave oven. If you want, you can even use your immersion heater to prepare a mug of hot water; however, while doing so make sure that the cup you are using is heat-proof.

Step 2: As you wait for the water to boil, move to the next step. Put a teaspoon (you may decrease or increase the suggested quantity depending on how strong you want your coffee to be) of instant coffee powder into the mug.

Step 3: Next, add around 5 ml of very hot water to the premix. The amount of water you add should properly dampen the coffee premix in the mug. If you want your beverage to be sweet, add adequate amount of sugar to the dampened coffee mix and start stirring it using a stainless steel spoon. Keep on moving the spoon vigorously until all the ingredients blend perfectly into each other to form a smooth solution.

Step 4: If you want your coffee to be without milk or cream, fill the mug entirely with boiling water. However, if you want the beverage to be creamy, fill ¾ of the cup with boiling water and the rest with milk or cream (make sure that the milk you are adding is very hot). For creamier and thicker coffee, the ratio of water and cream should be 1:1 i.e. half of the mug should be filled with hot water and the rest with cream.


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