How to Spend 100 Dollars?

How to Spend 100 Dollars?

Everyone has a different plan on spending money, if give you 100 dollars, you take it to the streets to buy clothes, how will you spent it?

a friend of the writer insisted to win on the numbers of the clothes, she will buy the poor Vietnamese perfume (previous taste is sour, the middle taste is sour and the after taste is also sour … … Vietnamese guys just forgive me), and she will also buy a 10 dollars’ T-shirt that has diamond and thread, a small jacket which only costs 70 dollars, 10 dollars’ sweater chain and so on.

She renewed clothes with fast rate; her monthly income is not low, so when the summer is coming, she can change clothes two times a day, half a month without repeating. But when she comes to talk that she spends a little money to buy himself back seven or eight clothes, everybody will keep silent then. And when she dresses herself as a Christmas tree, or a small willow, we would be more silent. And a small willow with a flawed diamond covered, we would be more silent.

Although it looks the number of clothes has being up, the taste has declined, this is really not worthy. the writer thinks 100 dollars maybe can spent like this: first, do not buy perfume, subtle fragrance of soap, bath liquid or shampoo also smells good; 10 dollars’ T-shirt, have to buy fabrics that feel soft but not thin, less decorative style and which fit suitably; the small suit of 70 dollar’s wrinkled texture can be replaced with a nice cardigan; 10 dollars’ sweater chain … … better to buy it when you save enough more than 30 dollars.

Give you 200 dollars, what would you buy? Some people will buy a pair of boots and take a few days, boots become old, fabric dims, like a pair of paper shoes; or heel tottering. . Not as good as to save 400, buying a brand boots when the season discount comes.

All these come together making the sense that if it can not be the perfect one; we would rather not to have it…

Do not corrupt. Do not fantasize about just spend some little money, to have a lot of beautiful clothes, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes. Also we do not want you to go the other extreme, drink or save nothing one month to buy one LV, but the quantity and quality, the quality will be prior.

It is not definitely allowed to buy that cheap clothes, buy less to buy that bright unnatural color, less cumbersome decoration. Remember to cut off the thread exposed before you put it on. If you do not have street temperament, do not wear a large area of water mill jeans, the best choice of trousers would be blue with black. If you temporarily can not afford a better producing exquisite jewelry style sweater chain, then do not wear anything, just a simple belt, that’s enough.

The whole body with much different decoration may not make you perfect looking. Buy some high-quality single products, and leave some appropriate blanks, then the personality will have a chance to stand out.


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