How to shop for Indian toys?

Kids are fond of experimenting with all objects. They explore every corner of the house and play with whatever they find. Their playful and carefree nature is something we adore and admire the most as it distinguishes them from others. Children add excitement and joy to all environments, thus making them lively.

You find different categories of toys in the market based on age, price, features, etc. To add to your child’s toy collection, you can also buy Indian toys. They are unique, quirky, and remind us of our culture and tradition. These include five stones game, cooking sets, brass utensils, cup and ball, catapult, marbles, etc.

However, whenever you buy desi toys, ensure they are safe for your kid and appropriate for their age. There are plenty of local brands available in the market offering toys of different sizes and features.

Safe for children

Warning labels give crucial information about how to use toys and what age group should play with them. When buying toys for toddlers and babies, avoid products with toxic materials or small parts to prevent health issues and choking. Most of the toys contain a high-quality wood finish without sharp edges to facilitate hours of creative play.


Toys should be fun and assist in the development and enhancement of skills like communication, creativity, problem-solving, self-expression, gross and fine motor skills. Additionally, educational toys for toddlers help in the development of life skills at an early age.

Simple and fun

Your child enjoys playing with toys that come with fewer rules and instructions to follow. They should be simple and promote flexible and creative play. It enhances curiosity and helps explore several alternatives to play with objects. They also encourage divergent thinking at an early stage.

Indian culture

Traditional toys have roots in Indian play and storytelling. Thus, they connect to the tradition and Indian culture while retaining the sentimentality element. They remind you of the history and origin of objects while strengthening the roots.

Parent-child bonding

The best way you can spend time with your child is by playing with them. Most games and toys made in India promote togetherness, especially board games. They require two to four players or more, thus encouraging others to relieve their stress and focus on your child’s development.

The benefits of play

According to research, learning through play is an integral part of a child’s development. Baby learning toys release extra energy, promote self-identification, and keep them occupied. As a result, your child develops life skills. These include problem-solving, learning cause and effect, compromising in a team, conflict resolution, sharing, nurturing creativity and imagination, developing fine and gross motor skills, discovering independence, and building self-esteem.

Life is all about adjustments, compromise, and socialising with people. By encouraging group play indoors and outdoors, your child learns to interact with the world and surroundings, including treating others, respecting opinions, and reacting accordingly.


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