How to save some Money


One of the most apparent ways to do so is with Groupon Deals. These deals offer people between 50-90 percent off some very exciting products and often involve you having to do nothing more than open your email in the morning.
Signing up to Groupon ensures you get the very best of the pre-recession lifestyle at the very lowest cost possible – a mouth-watering prospect for many. Groupon Ireland has seen itself rise up the ranks since it’s coming over 12 months ago – so keep an eye on the deals to save.

Financial Planning

Planning your finances can make a huge difference to the cost of your living. Many of us pay huge percentages of Interest on our credit cards and on our overdrafts, however, a little planning can cut these needless costs. In a time where a rise in Interest rates would lead to huge issues, having a low amount of credit may really make the difference. The economic warning signs are there that rates may fall in the short term but rise in the longer term. Having a low credit debt amount will mean that should anything happen you will come out stronger than most.

Needless Expenditure

How many of us have set up direct debits to gyms and other such institutions to never use them. Paying upwards of £50 a month into a gym membership and only going a few times a month is ludicrous and is how gyms make their money. Examine your expenses and see if you have such a needless direct debit draining your resources and stop it, then replace the money going out with a direct debit to a savings account, you’ll be surprised how much you save over a short period, especially if you have more than one of these direct debits on your accounts.

Mobile Phone

Think, how many of us really need the huge mobile phone contracts we have. Many of us swan around with 5000 texts and 1000 minutes of calls on our phones, yet only use about a tenth of that. Having the newest, shiniest phone on the market is fantastic, but if you are overpaying by £30 or more then it doesn’t make sense. Look into it and see if you can reduce it to a simple and far less costly tariff. This could save you up to £400 a year easily and pay for plenty of essentials or help you save.


Energy costs have skyrocketed recently, though there are ways you can avoid yourself doing the same. Switching to a fixed price plan is often cheaper and is ideally done before your energy supplier hikes up its prices. Doing this is easy and just involves you looking into the deals on offer. A quick switch is also an option and is also a very convenient thing to do. This can manage to save you large amounts of money in the long run.

Sell your Clutter

How many of us still own hundreds of CDs or DVDs only to have everything uploaded or downloaded from the web? This sort of clutter takes up many homes and can be liquidated for some cash if needs be. Selling your disks to one of the many online companies willing to take them can mean you get paid upwards of £1 a CD or DVD – could be hundreds of pounds in money there. Many of us also have things such as old mobile phones and electronic goods around the house. Get rid of these on eBay or recycle them through a mobile phone recycling company and make some money on the useless things just gathering dust around your house.

Walk the Dogs

You’d be surprised how many people don’t have the time to walk their hounds. With people working longer and harder hours becoming a dog walker a couple of evenings a week can help you improve your own balance sheet, especially if you can bring more than one or two of the furry animals around with you at one time. Dog walkers get paid up to £10 an hour per dog – meaning a decent amount of money if you are able to walk a few dogs.



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