How To Put Up Your Coffee Van For Sale

These days a coffee van for sale is very much in demand, however selling one can be difficult as it is not exactly a mass market item! Instead, this kind of vehicle appeals to a very specific market, while small in size, will pay a premium price for the right vehicle. In this article we will examine how to sell your van for the right price in the right place!

Your Market

Before you start, consider the market who is searching for a coffee van for sale. Who are they? What do they do? Where are they based? Generally, people who buy these converted cars or vans are existing business owners, or people looking to start a business with a certain amount of capital available to invest. Generally, a second hand vehicle can cost around ten thousand pounds in the UK, as a vehicle at this price point is new enough to still be very reliable. These potential business owners also tend to live in fairly affluent areas, as they will need to have between £10 thousand and £20 thousand pounds of savings available to start their own enterprise. Poorer areas tend to have fewer people with this amount of funds, and also there may be a lack in demand for a premium hot drink!

Setting Your Price

The price of your coffee van for sale can vary wildly, but it is all dependent on two factors: age of the van and included equipment. An older van generally will not appeal to those who aspire to owning a premium brand. What marketing message would it set to their potential customers when a tatty old van shows up with a misfiring engine and blue smoke coming out the exhaust? As a result, newer vehicles can command a higher price, not just down to age, but also because buyers of better vehicles will want to have a premium image.

Included equipment in your coffee van for sale is also an important factor because it determines what else the new owner will need to pay to get their new business up and running. However, this can really depend on the buyer’s needs. Some may want to offer a strictly coffee only business why other will want to sell snacks and sandwiches too. If you have some surplus parts, maybe from other vans, that could attach onto the one you are selling, it would be a good idea to make this clear in your ad as it can help entice buyers to make an offer.

Where To Advertise

This is one of the hardest things to come to a decision on as a coffee van for sale cannot be sold in exactly the same places as a standard vehicle. You need to focus on advertising in places where buyers actually are. Try online boards like eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist and others, but make sure your listing is in a specific category like business or commercial vehicles where your buyers will be congregating. Alternatively, a local commercial vans dealer may be the best option for a quick sale.


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