How To Prepare Your Coffee Van For Sale

If you have a coffee van for sale, chances are you will want to prepare it to be put up for sale. But how do you go about this? We will examine just that in this article, with everything from the correct cleaning method to preparing all the mechanical components and testing the built in equipment.


A hot drinks van is very much like a normal commercial vehicle, only with some incredible equipment inside. What this means is that you need to make sure your vehicle is nice and clean before any viewing, which can help close the deal that little bit quicker!

Be sure to wash your coffee van for sale inside and out before each prospective buyer shows up. Rinse and shampoo the outside, then apply a paint restorer, before protecting the finish with car wax. Another thing you will want to see to is the wheels. Many commercial vehicles have steel wheels, so you will want to make sure all the hubcaps are correctly fitted, none are missing, and none are broken. If any are not attached or not properly up to standard, it is cheap and easy to get some new ones at the local car accessories shop.

If you are lucky enough to have alloys on your coffee van for sale, it’s a good idea to check these over and if there are any scratches or dents, get them fixed up by a professional with an alloy wheel refurbishment.

Mechanical Components

It is important that the vehicle is mechanically sound and ready to drive, as no buyer will want a van that misfires or has blue and black smoke coming out of the exhaust! It is a good idea to have a mechanic look at the engine before selling and replace anything that may be broken. Keep the invoices for these and show them to the prospective buyer, as these items serve as reasons why they should buy your particular coffee van for sale and not someone else’s.

It is also tempting to clean the engine bay, but be wary about doing this. People sometimes want to see the vehicle in the condition it usually is left in, so a clean engine bay may make it look like you are hiding something about it’s mechanical state. On the flipside, this is only really true for a really old vehicle. Modern ones are expected to be clean and in good condition.

Built In Equipment

Finally make sure the actual equipment inside your coffee van for sale is up to good standards. Test everything including espresso makers, water pumps, snack dispensers, etc. It may also be wise to offer a demonstration of these machines to the buyer who may be unfamiliar with the system you have installed. They will be living and working with the van, so it needs to be something they can get on with!

The machines inside are likely replaceable, so if they are old, then it would be a good idea to make sure the buyer knows they can be removed and replaced, as it could be a selling feature for them.


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