How to Prepare for New Baby Arrival?

Nine months is a long wait, but you can use this time in your advantage to prepare for your baby’s arrival. The last trimester is the most crucial stage to get ready to bring the little one home. Make a checklist first to keep yourself organized and then sort your budget. Let’s see further how you can organize and better prepare yourself for your cute little one’s arrival.

Talk to your doctor

To help you plan, you should first talk with your doctor about labor and delivery. Ask questions like what emergency signs you need to watch out, how to identify a labor pain, when should you go to the hospital, what will be your role in case of a C-section, etc. 

Prepare yourself mentally

It is natural for a Mommie-to-be to get nervous thinking of labor and delivery, more so when it’s her first time. You need to calm your nerves and not let the anxiousness turn into fear. It is better to prepare yourself mentally for the birth ahead of time. Talk it out with your partner, friend, or doctor to get rid of the thoughts that are bothering you. You can also take tips from veteran moms, but remember to take only quality advice – you don’t want to scare yourself by listening to painful birth stories.

Prepare your older children

If you have older children, spend some quality time during the waiting period and prepare them for their new sibling. By bonding with them, you will create a feeling of security and assurance in them that they won’t be displaced. Also, arrange for your older child’s care while you will be away in the birth center.

Get your baby’s clothes ready

The skin of a new baby is very gentle and delicate. You need to ensure that the clothes you bought for your newborn don’t cause any rash or irritation on his skin. It is, therefore, a good idea to wash the baby’s clothes, towel, and bedding in a disinfectant and get them ready for use.

Pack your hospital bag

Pack your hospital bag a few weeks in advance, according to the length of your stay in the hospital. You would need a hospital gown and sanitary napkins for yourself while a sufficient number of clothes and nappies for your baby. Do not forget your personal items other than the essentials.

Stock up on household must-haves

Well-stock your pantry and fridge with all the must-haves. In addition to the pantry staples, shop for other essentials like toiletries and medicine beforehand so that you do not have to go to the store a few weeks after birth.

Get your home ready for your baby

Pet-proof your home first. Get a crib ready. If you plan to co-sleep on your bed, get the crib sheets and waterproof mattress covers. You will also need feeding bottles, bibs, pillows, blankets, towels, diapers, nappies, and bath essentials for your baby. 

Shop for maternity clothes

After you have assembled everything for your baby’s comfort, you need to spare some time to prepare your wardrobe as well. Shop for some postpartum clothes like nursing gowns, nursing tops, nighties, nursing bra, lounge pants, and other loose garments that help you to nurse comfortably. Do not forget to add maternity pads in your checklist


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