How to Negotiate Cheaper Prices on Your Double Glazed Windows

When obtaining a quotation for double glazing windows many customers are often over quoted by as much as £5000.00 so here are a few tips on how you can get the salesman to slash the price of his quote

– Always get three quotations

– Look in the local newspapers and see the special offers on that week

– Use the prices you see on the special offers to bargain with the salesman

– Tell them you have had other quotes for a much better price

– Tell them that they are too expensive (9/10 times they will reduce the price)

– Do your homework make sure you are getting value for money

– Read up on the industry sites such as Fensa or the glass and glazing federation

Always ask for the features and the benefits of their product over their competitors if they are lacking any features ask them why and if you can do without these features get them to reduce the price as much as is comfortable until you get with in your budget.

Most important of all if you do not like the three quotations you have got do not hesitate in calling more companies I bet if you follow these tips you will save huge amounts on your windows.


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