How to Manifest Money: Five Tips for Creating Wealth

Learning how to manifest money is easy. The hard part is up to you and you only. No one outside of yourself can make you believe in the possibilities. It’s the believing that most people struggle with so start small and grow big.

How to Manifest Money: Tip #1 – Be Willing to Believe

Be willing to believe that all things are possible. If you’re willing to believe you can manifest money then you will. Choose to have a more positive view of money while avoiding the fear of not having enough.

Be willing to believe in yourself. This is vital to learning how to become wealthy. If you don’t like yourself you will always struggle. Like or even love yourself as you would love someone dear to your heart.

Be willing to believe you can change. Trees don’t fight the changing seasons and neither should you. Change is the only thing that’s constant in this world. Be willing to believe you have a choice. You can choose to learn how to manifest money or you can choose to think money is hard to get.

How to Manifest Money: Tip #2 – Know What Money Represents

To understand how to manifest money, you should know what money represents. Money isn’t the paper and ink it’s printed on. Money is a representation of value and we trade money for value.

When you purchase a new TV, you’re really paying for the value of a clearer picture and for the value of entertainment. You tip a great waitress better than a bad waitress…why? The great waitress provided better value and you enjoyed your dining experience more because of her.

To the vast majority of people, money represents freedom and choice. I’m offering for you to think differently. Make the choice to practice how to become wealthy and the freedom will follow.

How to Manifest Money: Tip #3 – Provide Value and Be Proud

Regardless of what you do to earn money, always provide value. In providing value, you know you’ve done the best you could and that makes you feel proud of yourself.

Consciously and with intent, do a great job with everything even making the bed. If you don’t want to make the bed neatly then make it even messier! (That’s a fun thought.)

How to Manifest Money: Tip #4 – Use Money Affirmations Daily

Use affirmations. You can write them, say them out loud or in your head as well as leave yourself sticky notes as reminders. Here are a few affirmations to get you started.

•I love money and money loves me.

•Life supports me and all my needs are met.

•My income is increasing everyday.

Don’t worry about how all of this will happen. Just keep at it and be ready to receive and take action when you can!

How to Manifest Money: Tip #5 – Attitude of Gratitude

You’re reading these words on a computer or a phone. Be grateful for the money you used to pay for those items. You have a vehicle? Even if you hate it, be grateful for it.

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