How to Make Bad Coffee Taste Better

If you have been a coffee drinker for some time, at one time or another you have probably had some bad coffee. You know the bad coffee, the cup that tasted too bitter, not fresh, or with not enough flavor. It probably lingered in your mind for quite some time after it went away from your palate. You may have inadvertently purchased a bad bag of beans, but that does not mean it needs to go to waste! There a few tips and tricks you can do to turn that not so great coffee into something quite delicious.

The first tip in making a bad cup of coffee taste better, is to make sure your coffee brewer or maker is clean! This is often a step many people forget about, and personally I clean my coffee maker every couple weeks. You can simply clean it with some vinegar and get rid of all the leftover residue and old coffee debris. This does wonders for your morning cup of Joe and I believer is extremely important in getting that delicious cup of coffee!

If you have cleaned your pot or maker, and you still have a bad cup of coffee, there are few things you can do with it. One, it may help to doctor it up a bit by adding some cream and sugar. Another great idea is to purchase some delicious creamer in flavors like French vanilla, mocha and cinnamon and sugar. This will kick the coffee up a notch and provide a sweet treat when drinking it. You can also wait for the coffee to cool and use it as a base for iced coffee. You simply pour the coffee over ice and add some extra sweetener to it. My favorite thing to do is to add some sweetened condensed milk and make my very own Thai or Vietnamese flavored drink right at home!

Finally if you refuse to drink it, you can always grind the beans and bake with it! A lot of recipes call for ground coffee when making things like a mocha pie, chocolate cake or even coffee scented cupcakes or brownies. A lot of savory recipes also call for coffee in the marinades. You can make a delicious coffee rub for your next brisket, ribs or steak night on the barbecue.


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