How To Make ArcheAge Gold Through Farming

Farming is one of the best ways of making gold in ArcheAge game. While it’s easy to make gold using the method, many people don’t know how to go about it. To guide you through, here is how to make money by farming.

Keep animals

There are many animals that you can keep. For example, you can keep swine, cattle, and even poultry in your farm. You should note that different animals have different needs and give different products with different prices.

You should also remember that it’s your responsibility to protect your animals from danger.

One of the best animals to keep is a cow. To protect the cows from danger you should keep them in your pumpkin or safety zone around your house. To increase milk production, you should build your safety house in the temperate areas.

In these areas you will be able to milk three times a day. To make gold you need to exchange milk for gold at NPC. You can also sell milk to the cooker players.

For you to produce a lot of milk, you need to keep many animals. For example, you can keep 20 cows in the temperate areas.

Crop planting

Crop planting is the other way of making gold. Here you should plant different crops such as grains, fruit trees and any other trees. Since planting requires seedlings, you should set aside some money to buy the seedlings. You can save the money by gathering wild trees which are available at different areas.

Once you harvest your crops you should sell them to NPC and as a result get some gold. You can also sell the produce to other players. For example, you can sell your trees to other players making boats.


This is an easy way of making ArcheAge gold. What you need to do is to prepare a rod. Here you need to visit the crafting station. After making the rod you should get earthworms then go fishing in the sea.

If you have some gold in your account you can build a boat; however, if you don’t want to spend the money, you should consider fishing without the boat. While fishing is a great way of making gold, you should pay attention to the hostile robbery from other players.


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