How to Go Green and Make some Money

Though there are numerous ways to begin a new business, one of the most common in this day and age is a green business. The idea that one man’s rubbish can be another man’s treasure, rings very true in this case. This has led us to compile many tips to aid your money-saving and making agenda while doing some good along the way. We’ve given you green tips in business city deals and a wide number of other ways to make ends meet in an environmentally friendly manner.


Many people get a little excited when they get some new goods and can just blindly throw the old item out. In many cases, these old items can make someone else very happy and can be used by other people. Old CRT televisions are a case in point, with many throwing them out when they get a new TV, especially due to the digital changeover – what a waste.

The number of perfectly good TVs of this type being dumped is hard to believe. So, why not stick up a notice in your local shop offering the TV for a few pounds here and there. It may make you a little bit of pocket money and also make someone else very happy. Clothing is also a common item that falls into this category. With numerous companies paying for clothing by the kilo, you can afford to empty that attic full of 80s clothes and make some money too.


One of the greatest irritations of recycling bins is the fact they are often full to the brim well before recycling day. This often happens as recycling is only collected every second week and so builds up. Some people in areas try and utilize this to make some extra money and provide a green bin empty service for larger items, bringing the large excess to the local recycling area for those on their street. This prevents people from dumping recyclable goods in the landfill bin when it’s full and also allows you to make a little extra money by charging for each load you bring away.


Scrap may have a bad name, but there is plenty of money to be made in this area. By asking people if you can take their scrap metal and bringing it to a scrap dealer you can make plenty of money. Scrap is bought by the tonne and some metals are worth a lot more than others, meaning you can get a large amount of money for something that is made from the right kind of metal.

People getting new extensions, or undergoing building work can be a great provider of this form of material. As can they be wonderful at providing items that can be sold to architectural salvage yards. These yards often pay large amounts of money for the right goods and so you can make some cash from having a keen eye while recycling goods for use again.

Green Daily Deals

Another great way to save money and also stay green is daily deals sites such as City Deals

often offer people discounts in being parts of car-sharing schemes in cities. These schemes allow people the use of a car when they require but mean they don’t have to pay for a car when they don’t need one. This is an efficient and smart manner in which to own a car if you’re conscious of being green and only require one intermittently. This can save you money and also allow you to be green.


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