How to Effortlessly Quit Your Coffee Addiction

A Reformed Coffee Addict’s Story

At one point in my life I had a rather abnormal coffee addiction. I could drink anywhere from 1-2 pots of regular coffee (each cup generously served with cream and sugar) and drink several diet cokes during the day.

My only rule with caffeine was to stop having it around 6pm so my system could unwind enough and I could be to bed at a reasonable time.

In spite of all this caffeine entering into my system I still felt groggy, ended up taking naps during the weekends and never felt like I had an adequate amount of energy to get me through the day.

Before I stumbled across my miracle coffee cure, I had also experimented with a few other stimulants to see if they’d curb my coffee cravings:

  • 5 Hour Energy – It had no discernible effect on me.
  • Yohimbe – There is too much to say about this particular alkaloid and I’ll save it for another post but it actually needs caffeine to work effectively

Then Came The Paleo Diet

Oddly enough I gave up coffee when I wasn’t even trying to give it up. I had been experimenting with Paleo-dieting and some supplementation to improve my digestion and a side effect of it was that I stopped drinking as much coffee.

After starting my Paleo-diet and experimenting with HCL tablets and Apple Cider Vinegar (to regulate stomach acid levels) I literally woke up one day bounding with energy.

I got through my morning routine and realized I didn’t need but 1 cup of coffee. The hours passed by and I never had the withdrawal headaches that usually accompany not having my massive caffeine intake.

I kept following my regimen of Paleo-dieting along with stomach acid supplementation and within a few days I no longer needed any caffeine.

How Did My Miracle Coffee Cure Really Happen?

I attribute this to a few dietary changes:

  • My digestion and absorption of food was improving dramatically because I was addressing underlying digestion problems. Now that my stomach was able to absorb nutrients into my body I wasn’t hungry as often and when I ate something nutrient dense I just felt like I had more energy.
  • My blood sugar levels became more regular throughout the day because the Paleo diet focuses is primarily foods that don’t generate much insulin response when we’re eating. So the “sugar high” and crash effect went away.
  • I was supplementing with extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO). EVCO is a medium change triglyceride that is processed differently by the body. It doesn’t actually have a caloric impact on us and it gives us a “boost” of energy.

If you want to try out this system and see if it can help you conquer your coffee addiction then give your body a few days to adjust. Do some research online about how to address the problem of “low stomach acid” and how to properly use HCL tablets and Apple Cider Vinegar.


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