How To Decide How Far To Go When You Update Your Kitchen

In many families the kitchen is where they hang out and spend a lot of time together. In my home growing up that was a requirement. No matter what we had going on even when I was a teenager we had to be home to have dinner together. Many families will help each other cook and clean and talk about their day in the kitchen. In a lot of homes kids do their homework at the kitchen table so it is a very well used room. With all this in mind it just makes sense that it should be given priority in updating to make it the best it can be.

When it comes to updating or remodeling the kitchen you can spend a little or spend a lot. There are remodeling plans for the budget minded as well as those who seek a full kitchen remodel. The kitchen can be a place in the home where you can spend a lot of money on a remodel, in fact only the bathroom can rival it.

You can give your kitchen a new look with just a few items if you are creative. You don’t necessarily have to invest in a total kitchen remodel to make it look like a totally new place. For example, instead of buying totally new cabinets you can resurface the fronts of the cabinets instead and install new hardware. Another update that can make a kitchen look completely new is installing new counter tops which is really a job that one can do themselves with a little instruction. Another popular upgrade many people choose is to install new floors. If you have old linoleum floors you will not believe the difference it can make to put down tile and then create a matching backsplash behind the sink.

Almost any kitchen can be given a great new look as well as increased function by investing in new appliances. Buy matching appliances such as a new refrigerator, range, and dishwasher and you will instantly improve the appearance of the kitchen. Just the simple act of changing out the hardware on the drawers and cabinets can sometimes have a dramatic effect.

If you have chosen to go the route of the full remodel job for your kitchen you will also have some choices to make. You can hire a qualified contractor to handle the entire job or you can do it yourself and hire out the craftsmen you will need to complete certain jobs. You need to evaluate how much money have put aside to spend and then add at least 10% of it for unexpected things that always happen on any remodel job. If you intend to own your home for a long period of time you may go for a complete new kitchen. One thing is for sure, regardless of which way you decide to go you will be sure to get a lot of enjoyment from your updated kitchen.