How To Create Webinars That Rock

Over the last few years, there have been hundreds if not thousands of webinars that have popped up all across the Internet. This is been somewhat of a revolution in regards to new ways to deliver content and information. However, the biggest complaint about them pertains to the quality of these webinars. Or should I say the lack of quality in them?

This beckons the question, what elements do we find exactly in a great webinar? Here are some qualities that can be found in virtually all successful webinars.

Focus on the problems of their customers. Webinars that have taken the time to think about the issues that keep their customers up at night seem to be the most effective. Most importantly, they have found some potential solutions.

Generate relationships and actions with customers. The goal of any conversation with a customer should be to educate and inspire, and your desire should be to become their resource and educator. A common problem with many webinars is that they fail to describe what actions they want their customers to take. This should be crystal clear very early in the game.

Provide focused information. Are we not getting sick and tired of all this generalized content available on the Internet? Remember this, whenever people have issues and are looking for solutions, they are not seeking a general answer. They are looking for specific answers and you should be providing it to them.

Use a simple webinar registration form. Don’t make this decision cumbersome for your potential customers. If you are generating leads, then ask for the name and email and nothing else. There is no reason to seek any other information at this point. Make it easy for them. You can always request other data later if you wish.

Lay out your webinar story first. Fight the urge to start cranking out bullet points before you have your story and strategy written. Write your outline first and look closely at the big picture. From this point, you will want to boil it down to your bullets. Keep the fluff to a minimum. Never forget that everyone is fighting information overload these days. Provide lots of useful information in a short time period and they will love you.

Show and don’t tell. This is a popular mantra among popular fiction writers because it works. It is always a good idea to use graphs, charts, and images whenever it is appropriate. Use case studies to demonstrate your point. These are much more compelling than simply telling them what to do.

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