How To Create Webinars That Rock – Part 2

We all know that online webinars are a wonderful asset to use for your Internet marketing. Of course, this also depends on how well prepare them for your audience. The worst thing you can do is to slap a webinar together and hope for the best. The fact is there are just too many really bad webinars out there and the general audience has grown weary of them.

To follow up with our first article, let us look at some more traits that can be found in webinars that are effective and well done.

Make your slides presentable. While some of us may be very good with the spoken word on a seminar, it still behooves us to complement that strength with slides that are visually appealing. The first part of that is making your slides readable and easy to follow. For this reason, we recommend no less than a 32 point font.

Present only one idea or message per slide. There is a tendency and a temptation to jamb lots of ideas into a slide. Following this rule will keep your presentation streamlined. This is a good thing. If your audience is spending too much time trying to visually absorb the information on your slide, then they will not be listening to you.

Use original images. You have to remember, that many people have seen the same old boring stock images throughout the Internet. The ones you get from all the freebie image sites are literally everywhere. If you want to make your webinar pop, then show them something fresh as it will indicate that your ideas are also fresh and not old and boring.

Have a critical point. In the end, your purpose and your final take-home message should support what your title promised. Never forget this. If you fail to deliver on what you promised, then your audience will most likely never spend time listening to another one of your seminars regardless of how well you have improved the content.

Make sure you have compelling speaker. If speaking to an audience is not your strength, then don’t push your luck. Most likely, if you have injected on any quality at all into putting your webinar together, then you have spent a lot of your own time and effort. It would be a shame to throw all this away with a bad presentation simply because you have used a poor speaker. This is not to say your speaker is lazy, it only means that speaking to an audience is not everyone’s strength.


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