How To Create Popular Coffee Recipes

Coffee is one of our most popular and loved beverages and is consumed all over the world by millions of people daily. In recent times alternative coffee recipes have become more and more popular such as the Espresso, Latte, Distretto, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte Macchiato & the Mocha. Commercial coffee machine rental can make the process of creating these recipes far easier and quicker than before, allowing you more time to savour the fresh aroma of ground coffee beans.

Coffee machines require a grinder in order to create the great coffee taste, but sometimes these are separate to the brewing unit. Below are the some favourite recipes we suggest you try:

The Espresso.
A small, ‘short’ strong black coffee. Grind the coffee beans and brew until you have 1oz of coffee (single) or 2oz (double = ‘doppio’).

The Latte
You will need an espresso and steamed milk.

Brew a single shot of espresso, then steam the milk to 150F. Pour the espresso into your cup, add the milk over the espresso holding back the foam with a spoon until the cup is almost full, then release a little bit of the foam to finish the drink.

The Distretto
Grind the coffee beans finer than normal, keeping the tamping the same as usual.

Brew for 25 seconds until you have around 15ml of coffee.

The Cappuccino
You will need steamed milk, a shot of Espresso and foamed milk. Steam the milk to 150F, pour the steamed milk into a cappuccino cup, coming around 1/3 of the way up. Slowly add the espresso to the milk and spoon freshly frothed milk onto the espresso until the cup is full.

The Macchiato
This is effectively a short cappuccino. It is Italian for ‘marked’ – the espresso is marked with a tiny amount of foamed milk to protect it from the air, therefore preserving the flavour. Make an espresso (single or double), foam the milk and carefully pour a small amount of the foamed milk onto the espresso.

The Latte Macchiato
You will need an Espresso, milk and a tall latte glass. Brew an espresso shot and steam some milk in a jug. Pour the milk into your tall latte glass, holding back the foam. Slowly pour in the espresso – it should form a layer on top of the milk, then pour a little of the foam on top of the espresso. Sit back and enjoy.

Coffee beans come from various different places around the world and each type of bean can have a varied flavour and aroma. This reflects the environment that they are grown in – just like grapes taste different depending on where they originate geographically.


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