How To Choose The Right Pot Rack To Organize Your Kitchen Properly

If you are lacking in space for storing your pots and pans you will want to consider a quality pot rack. I don’t know about you but I hate digging through a maze of pots and pans in my cabinets when I am trying to cook a meal. Pot racks can be a great tool for organizing your pots and pans but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one just because there is such a wide range of choices.

The first thing you need to do is see how much storage you really need. The best way to accomplish this is to take every pot and pan you own and place them on a table and then sort them out. If you have a pot or pan you haven’t used in over a year place it in a separate pile. Secondly, remove any damaged pots or pans and put them in this pile. If you are a pack rat and you have a large number of the same pots and pans put some of them here as well. Now you can take the throw away pile and give away the ones that are good to charity and throw the damaged ones in the trash. What you have left are the items that you need to find a pot rack to fit.

Next you will need to know the sizes of the pots and pans so that you will know better what size pot rack you will need. You also need to know how much the individual pots weigh so that you get hooks of the appropriate strength for each pot. If you are going to be placing them all in one rack that is held by hooks you will need to know the collective weight so that you have the proper support. You also need to know the number of pots and pans to be able to analyze the proper size you will require. Many of the pots you have may have handles that can be used to hang them from so be sure you have this information as well.

Now that you know how many pots and pans you will have and the sizes and weights you are ready to decide where to put the rack. There are different types of pot racks that you can find including the ones that hang from the ceiling that most people are familiar with as well as free standing and wall mounted. Take a look at your available space and measure to see if it will accommodate the size rack you will need. Check to see where the studs are in your walls or if ceiling mounting, where the joists are located.

Are you the type person that wants everything at your fingertips or do you just want a clutter free kitchen? For me, I like the aspect of not having to go digging or looking for the pots and pans I need to cook with so I have mine hanging right over the island in the middle of our kitchen so they are right where I need them.