How The Charities Can Identify Their Donors – The Guide

The functioning of non profits and charities depends solely upon the donations that are made by the donors and the money that is earned through various fundraising events. Therefore, the relationship between donors and charities is considered to be the most important and needs to be maintained for a healthy functioning of the church and non profit.

Based on the analysis details of the relationships between organizations and the donors it can be said that majority of lapse happen because of lack of information, which further rules down the need of gaining valuable information beforehand. Working in accordance with a guide means that you will be able to create a long-term relationship with your donor only after gaining all the necessary information about him.

Here are the details of how you can get a better understanding of your donors:

1. Know Your Potential Donors: Most potential donors happen to visit your church or non profits at least once before deciding whether or not they should be making the donation. Make sure to identify the potential donors – the right way to get in touch with the potential donors is to know about their interest and the causes for which they are most like to donate. This will also help you get some idea about the duration for which the donor is most likely to stay and whether or not he is interested to stay for a longer period of time or not.

2. Communication with the Donor: never give up on your communication with the donor; it is always best staying in touch with them for as much time. Regular communication other than building relations with the donors also helps in conveying the message of the events that you church or non profit is planning for the future. Rather than focusing on one donor at a time it is best if you can target them all together, carefully detailing the entire donor base at the same time.

3. Meet Your Donor Personally: Personal meetings are always the turning point of a lot deals; similarly, it is best that you meet your donor personally on several occasions and go further with the conversations. You can also write them a short personalised note to call them for a meeting; make sure to keep the note and to the point with some little brief – keep the actual conversation for the meeting.

Meetings with donors determine how far you will be taking your relationship with them, and in a way the functioning of your church and non profit. Follow these three steps to know your donor in the best manner, eventually improving the growth of your church and non profit organization.

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