How much cost man and van service

Moving can be a headache sometimes

As everyone knows, moving is a quite stressful and can be a headache sometimes. To avoid that as much as possible, you need to find out how is it working and, of course, how much it will cost you. The cost of your move depends on many factors and if all the factors have not been taken into consideration , then there might be extra charges. Lets start and see what the price is consisting of.

Man and van service price

So firstable, there are many factors, that build up your moving costs:

1.The total volume, that needs to be moved

When looking for exact man and van price for your move, its very important to provide exact list of items, so moving company can calculate correct loading and unloading time.

2. Moving distance 

Its very important to mention from where to where are you moving and incorrect postcodes may lead to extra charges on the day.

Usually man and van companies are charging on hourly bases + mileage charge.

Also, very important factor is – where are your items going to (ground floor, 1st floor e.c.) and if there will be stairs involved, it definitely will make difference to the price.

3. Additional services

Additional services, like furniture disassemble and assemble, piano removal and door removal, will impact the price, so its very import to mention all the information to your moving company.

4. Insurance 

Usually all moving companies are offering insurance for your items, but not always its obligatory, so you can reduce your costs, if you are willing to take a risk and not to insure your belongings. But its always suggest to have a proper insurance in place and even better to have Liability Insurance , to cover not just your items, but also your property.

5. Moving on weekday or weekend

It is another factor, that will definitely make difference in your moving quote. Usually all man and van moving companies charge more on weekends. But you can find some good companies, that charge the same even on weekends.

How to reduce the costs of your man and van service

There are many ways how to reduce the costs of your move. The main thing is to prepare everything for quick loading, to reduce the time of loading (reducing the loading time, obviously, you are reducing the overall costs). If you are not on ground floor and there are stairs involved (of course, if you are fit enough), you can bring everything downstairs, again to reduce the loading time.

Use your own packing materials and disassemble some furniture items, if it’s easy and have just few screws to unscrew.


Man and van service price consists from many factors and its very important to take all of them into consideration, as it can impact the overall price dramatically. Average man and van service costs from 120£ to 1200£, depending on all factors mentioned above. The price also depends from moving company reputation, as more popular company, might charge extra, as they have a plenty of clients (or maybe opposite). So its all up to you, to make your move less stressful and of course, less expensive.


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