How Do I Setup My Own Blog to Make Money?

First, forget the idea that you can set up your own blog and start making a lot of money right away. It rarely happens. But if you are willing to take some time, then it is possible. A few months of a few hours a week should see you well and truly established if you follow my plan. Register your own URL; Forget free URLs like those provided by Blogger. Using them will decrease the amount you can earn.

Advertisers want to see engagement, and that starts with buying a name. Install WordPress – Once you have your own URL, set up hosting. If you can use FTP, almost any host will work and you just need to install the latest version from If not, look for a host that allows for a quick WordPress install.

Customize your blog – don’t use a default theme, it’s boring and unattractive. Find a free theme that matches your theme and install it. week to create lots of content so readers can read what you have to say and give search engines plenty to search for. Articles and
guest posts on other blogs.

Both can bring you visitors who can share your posts on Twitter, Stumble Upon and other services, and the links to your site will entice advertisers to pay you in the future. Visit other blogs – It sounds silly, but you should start reading and following other similar blogs. There are two reasons. First, you can see what other bloggers are talking about and you may get new interesting topics and ideas to talk about, which is great search engine bait. .Second, you can add meaningful comments to
posts and engage in conversation with these other bloggers.

Bloggers can visit your website and as long as their comments are approved they will be listed with a link to your blog. Choose your destinations wisely and this link might even be search engine friendly and earn you links. Start signing up with programs to make money – we’re finally here! Programs like AdSense and affiliate programs are great when you have real visitors to your site.

There are also some paid blogging programs that accept new blogs, although many seem to prefer to wait, or at least put most of the work into it, until the blog has a Google Page Rank of at least 3. Certain programs will have criteria such as being at least 90 days old and having more than 20 200-word posts. Look around and you will find something suitable for you, there are many of them!