How Do I Put A New Doorknob On An Old Door – Instructions For Success

So you are wondering, how do I put a new doorknob on an old door? Have no fear it is a simple task if you have done it before. If you have not, be sure to read the following instructions.

First of all, you will need to get the new doorknob kits for your door and have a screwdriver handy. Both Phillips and Flat heads will do. Flush against the door on each side there is a collar like trim that hides the hole. You need to detach this first.

There are two screws to unscrew, usually on the inside portion of the door. In some cases you may need to use a flat head screwdriver to remove the collar if there is no screws. Once you have taken that out, you will notice two more long screws that attach both sides of the doorknob to each other.

Now that you have taken that out, you can separate the two knobs by pulling it apart. Now you need to take out the locking mechanism that is attached to the door. Do so by pulling out the bolt. Your next order of business is the strike plate. This is the flat plate on the side of the doorknob.

If it looks OK and fits then go ahead and leave it, otherwise replace it with the one that comes with the kit. Now insert the new locking mechanism into the door and screw it into place. Remember to make sure that the slanted side faces the right way – which is the way the door closes. Place the collars on each side of the doorknob. Make sure the side that screws is on the inside of the door.

This prevents someone on the outside being able to unscrew it and enter through that door. Place the doorknob and collars so that they are aligned so that the long screws can fit into each other. Tighten the screws evenly. There you have it, you just answered your question earlier – How do I put a new doorknob on an old door?


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