How Alpha Clarity Helped Me Grind to 99 Agility

When I think back to the days of my first 99s in runescape, it get warm memories of parties thrown under the grand oaks at Sears village as I fletched my final bow to reach 99 fletching. From there I moved onto a couple of other easy ones: cooking and firemaking.

Along the way of course I was doing plenty of barrows runs with my friends and had reached 99 strength, 99 attach, and 99 health. But still at this point I didn’t have a 99 I could really be proud of. Most people have these and it doesn’t take much to be honest.

That’s when I started to research some ideas on my next 99. At first I thought construction might be a perfect option but the prices were just out of reach and I didn’t really feel like depleting my entire bank account for the cape (even though it is dope).

Finally I decided on agility and took care of the first few levels until I could finally do the Wilderness agility course. I think I made it to roughly 80 before things started to get insanely tedious.

I haven’t really had the same grinding feeling before as I did fletching, cooking, and firemaking with a group of friends and the combat 99s just happened. But my friends were out on this one and thought I was crazy to try.

I fired up the coffee pot and it was going good at first but I got way too wired and it was causing me headaches and stomach issues. I watch LuxxBunny on twitch since getting into LoL last year and saw she is sponsored by a new company and said she would do a 24-hour stream if enough bought with her link.

I picked up a bottle of Alpha Clarity and my experience was the same as her with good focus but not the wired out feeling from coffee.

During this time I hadn’t stopped the wilderness course runs and was almost 90. I made it to 97 after another month and then to 98 and 100 experience away from 99 the next month.

We threw a hilarious party in Varrock and gave away a lot of stuff. My friend was actually finishing up 99 construction as well so we finished off the party at his place.

Was a lot of fun but I will say I don’t look forward to grinding out any more tedious 99s like that for a while.

I’m going to focus on my combat skills and make some more money in the time being.


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