How a Mobile Coffee Franchise Can Open Up New Markets

In the UK, Coffee has never been so popular. With over six million cups of coffee drunk per year from premium mobile coffee franchises, there is a huge market out there that the majority of coffee shop owners are not taking advantage of. But who are these customers? Mobile verses stationary coffee franchises have two distinct customer groups, meaning if the coffee shop entrepreneur wants to access a wider customer base, he or she needs to diversify and add a non-stationary outlet to their arsenal.

Who Buys From A Mobile Coffee Franchise?

A wide range of people buy from these outlets verses a standard coffee shop. While popular, high street coffee shops cannot reach the whole population or whole coffee drinking market for a number of reasons. Importantly, this is down to location. Situated in town centres, these shops are great for people out and about for their weekly shop or for clothes shopping, but not so good for anyone working in an out of town business park, factory, or other employment area located away from town centres.

The people who work here effectively have no access to premium coffee as the nearest town can be quite far away. Who would drive in to buy a hot drink when they could take a cheap drink from a vending machine instead? These are the customers that a premium mobile coffee franchise can capture.

How Do You Sell To These People?

If you are a hot drinks entrepreneur, selling to this untapped market couldn’t be simpler. It usually comes down to agreements with the local businesses, whether individual firms or the property company that owns the offices. You will need permission to drive your van onto their premises and sell, as they may already have a canteen selling competing products within the building. On the other hand, many office space businesses are looking to cut costs, so your company could be the ideal replacement, allowing them to cut costs why you serve up a delicious hot treat for employees daily!

Effective Marketing

The important thing with any mobile coffee franchise is to make sure your product is perceived as premium, verses the budget drinks that are usually available from vending machines or in house canteens. Largely, this comes down to marketing, but other factors include friendly, professional service, word of mouth referrals between coffee drinkers and special offers to entice new potential customers.

Next Steps

If you feel as if your brand or hot drinks business is missing out on this key customer base and you want to set up your own mobile coffee franchise, there are a number of ways this can be done. First of all, if you own your own brand, try talking to commercial vehicle specialists to see how you can get a van converted to house drinks machines. Alternatively, try approaching an existing mobile drinks business and get a franchise license. These businesses usually help owners make money, giving them training and income guarantees, and occasionally even setting up deals and sales for them!


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